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Acne, of all types, can include cysts, pustules, blackheads, congestion, milia and blemishes due to an inflamed or infected oil gland at the base of the hair follicle.  It can be present amongst all ages and can be caused by hormones, medications, genetics, lifestyle and an imbalance of the pH level on the skin.

Mine Minerals Skincare will reduce the inflammation and bacteria, dramatically minimise scar tissue formation, regulate oil production, decongest and balance the pH level.  

We recommend the following Mine Minerals pH Skincare products to treat Acne conditions to reveal a new, healthy, luminous skin, that feels soft, hydrated and refined.

  • Clarifying Cleanser –  Mine Minerals Clarifying Cleanser will gently exfoliate whilst removing debris and impurities without over stripping the delicate pH balance. With daily use, it will aid healing, calm inflammation, accelerate relief from acne discomfort and gently nourish the delicate skin barrier. A perfect cleansing solution – AM&M
  • Blemish Control Serum –  Mine Minerals Blemish Control Serum contains high quality levels of Vitamin A (Retinaldehyde) and Vitamin B (Niacinimide).  These 2 power potent ingredients assist in normalising congestion, regulating oil flow and repairing the delicate the skin barrier whilst rebuilding scar tissue formation and eliminating the conditions that acne thrives in – AM&PM
  • Resurface Serum – Our bestselling Resurface Exfoliant Serum is a very gentle enzymatic exfoliator that will remove debris from clogged pores and calm inflammation. Cellular renewal is accelerated with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids in combination with potent anti-oxidant properties of Pomegranate enzyme to also aid hormonal imbalances.  Niacinamide enhances pigment reduction, hydrates and nourishes. The potent anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties make this product ideal for acne prone skins. AM/PM
  • Hydrating Moisturiser – Mine Minerals Hydrating Moisturiser is a perfect blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinimide (Vit B)  providing a light, hydrating, gentle moisturiser that will balance the moisture levels of the skin whilst calming and repairing.  Full of anti inflammatory and anti oxidising properties that will assist in the healing of damaged skin.  An effective and ongoing treatment of acneic skins.  AM&PM
  • T-Tree Scrub – Mine Minerals ‘hero’ acne treatment is a magical blend of Aloe Vera and Tea Tree leaves that gently remove impurities and calm inflammation. Pure Aloe Vera Gel calms the skin and reduces scarring whilst potent medicinal Tea Tree leaf gently exfoliates and eliminates bacteria.  T-Tree Scrub is our number one product in the treatment of acneic skins.


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