MINE Mineral Foundation Powders are crushed silk-like powders, which naturally deflect light from the skin rather than absorbing it – leaving you with a gorgeous air-brushed, professional finish. The pure pigments of the makeup give amazing depth, density and colour whilst only using as small amount of product.
• Can be applied dry for a lighter coverage or wet for a heavier complete coverage
• Includes a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen in the form of Titanium and Zinc Oxide offering a natural physical barrier to the harmful effects of the sun
• Recommended to use after cosmetic, laser and skin resurfacing procedures as anti oxidants calm and soothe the skin helping to reduce redness and promote healing
• Water resistant
• Sweat resistant
• Available in 6 shades suitable for all skin types
• You don’t have to feel guilty if you sleep with it on as it is non-comodogenic
• Feels like a second skin, so light as if you are wearing no foundation at all
• It evens out skin tones to keep skin looking dewy all day
• The purity of the powder allows for an absolutely flawless finish without clogging pores or irritating even the most sensitive skin.
• Gentle formula perfect for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation or scarring.
• Mine Minerals is raw pigment so a little goes a long way
• Applied with the Mine Kabuki Professional Kabuki Brush for the best result