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Our range of cosmeceuticals has been expertly formulated with active ingredients from science and nature to revitalise, nurture and cosmetically correct your skin, without irritation.

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Mineral Makeup

Our collection of mineral makeup that blends effortlessly to colour correct and diffuse imperfections, providing buildable coverage for the ultimate radiant glow.

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t-tree scrub

Our hero T-Tree Scrub is a perfectly balanced blend of Australian Tea Tree and Aloe Vera to treat acne, congestion, milia and blemishes. Soothes irritated and sensitive skins and is great for eczema.

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Our Mineral Foundation Powder is an absolute essential. Makeup you and your skin will LOVE! ⁣
We have something super special coming this weekend that will combine perfectly with our MM foundation! Who can guess what it is?!

Such a hype word. And for good reason. Collagen = youth and whilst all our products promote collagen and elastin stimulation, our Collagen moisturiser is full of intensely hydrating, nourishing, clinically tested ingredients to restore and maintain a youthful glow 🙌💫

We have SOOOOOO many exciting products to be released in 2 days!! Who is EXCITED!! We can not wait! ...

FREE skin consultation with one of our senior dermal therapists!!! Click the link in our bio for more 🤗 ...

If you are over 25, eye cream MUST be part of your daily skincare routine 🙌 ⁣
Why? The delicate skin around the eyes has different needs to the rest of your skin! It is one of the first places you will notice wrinkles and stress and lack of sleep will likely cause puffiness or darkening. All of these issues are combated by the right eye cream 👀

Did you know that tea-tree is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory? This magical ingredient is perfect for treating all forms of acne! ...

Clinically proven results with super powerful, medical grade ingredients that WILL change your skin health WITHOUT the inclusion of any toxic chemicals, nasty ingredients or harmful additives! ...

A daily serum for repairing the skin with vitamins A, B and C to stimulate collagen and optimise your skin’s health. The skin cell DNA is physically altered to a healthier state during cell replication! Yep, we have included in everything you need in a serum!

Our foundation comes in shades for everybody! DM us for a FREE colour match 🙌 ...


Our Vegan Kabuki brush is the perfect partner to our Mineral Foundation. The dense bristles make application a breeze. Your foundation is buffed in to perfection, giving you a luxe airbrush finish. The Vegan bristles combined with our natural, pure mineral powder can NOT harbour bacteria, so you can stress less about a dirty brush!⁣
TIP: I carry my brush with me if I am out for a long day and give my face a quick brush over to freshen up. There will always be enough powder in your brush for this!

Put your best face forward with Mine Minerals, skincare and makeup developed by skin obsessed Dermal Therapists that want YOU to appreciate your skin and treat it with the love it deserves!! ...

Shout out to our best selling cleanser 🙌⁣
▪Instantly calms, smooths, plumps and hydrates.⁣
▪Is nutrient and lipid enriched to restore barrier, soothe inflammation and replenish ultimate hydration.⁣
▪Safely removes eye make-up.⁣
▪Safe for post treatments including laser and chemical peels to inhibit trans-epidermal water loss through the healing phase

Why is moisturising so important?⁣
Well, as you age naturally, wrinkles will appear, but well cared for skin is a lot softer and supple, so wrinkles are not as deep and extensive as with neglected skin. ⁣
Your skin will not be dull, dehydrated, imbalanced, or saggy with the correct skincare routine and moisturising is an important part of this!!

CLEAN beauty is a choice! ⁣
Why expose yourself to nasty chemicals that are in many other skincare lines when you do not need to? We have created a range that gives you the best of every world! Incredible, clinically proven results WITHOUT the sacrifices. No toxic chemicals, no additives, all organic, natural ingredients that are vegan and of course, cruelty free!⁣

Not sure where to start? Our team of Skin Specialists are here to help! Reach us via DM or through our website or even book your FREE skin consult!

Pre-Cleanse Oil is an absolute MUST HAVE first step in your cleansing routine that eliminates heavy oil build up, gently removes impurities, makeup and aids your skin barrier repair. Skin feels hydrated, plump and cleansed whilst soothing irritation and inflammation. Oh and it is the BEST makeup remover you will ever use! ...

Mineral makeup can have a not so amazing reputation due to many (almost all) mineral foundations being filled with talc, cornstarch, rice powder, clays and fillers that make the foundation cakey, drying, orange, dull and seperated. Mine Minerals do NOT contain any of these ingredients! You will NOT have an orange glow, dry, cakey or dull finish with our foundation. Our powder warms into your skin leaving a stunning glow, reflecting light from fine lines and wrinkles with a natural, second skin finish and buildable coverage. ...


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