Facts & Questions


Is Mine Minerals Australian?

Yes! Our products are formulated and produced in Sydney, Australia

Are your products tested on animals?

No! Absolutely not. Our products are also Vegan with the exception of small amounts of organic, ethical Manuka Honey in some products.

Do I need to cleanse morning and night?

Yes, we highly recommend cleansing AM & PM. Your skin will accumulate dust, sweat, bacteria and more over night so that is why we say yes to cleaning in the AM. Of a day your exposed to makeup, germs, pollution and the days dirt so thats why it is important to cleanse PM.

Can I just use some of your products or should I use the whole routine?

Our products are designed to work synergistically. Of course you can use some of our products combined with other brands, however, we can not guarantee how your skin will react and wether your will receive the full benefits if you chose to not use Mine Minerals for each of your skincare steps.

Are your products clinically proven?

They sure are! All of our products are clinically proven to initiate change in the skin. Our elite formulations utilise the most advanced, high end ingredients to deliver results. Our products will reprogram your skin cells to perform at there optimal function on their own!

What is so great about your formulations?

Our formulas utlise technologies that mimic the natural biology of the skin- "biomimetic". It is one thing to put an ingredient in a skincare product, but another to optimise the delivery system of the formula, ensure that it is targeting the necessary cells to initiate change, make sure it is received by the skin cells to be used most efficiently all whilst not disrupting the delicate pH of the skin barrier. Take for instance Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient named in so many skincare products, but the difference is more than just including the ingredient in a formula. Our Ha products contain a number of molecular weights of Ha suspended in a delivery system that is bio-available to allow the ingredient to reach the targeted depths within the skin.