Clinical Treatments


Take your skincare results to the next level with our advanced dermal skin treatments. Our professional, high potency clinical treatments utilize the latest in skin transformative technologies designed specifically to repair, strengthen and optimize the skins health.

Our trusted and registered skin clinics are highly trained and to perform our powerful advanced dermal skin treatment to take your skincare regime to a higher level.

Our registered clinics are supported with elite Mine Minerals education to prescribe the most suitable treatments and products to their patients. With ongoing MM support in diagnosing and seeing client results to the end.

New Skin Peel

Pomegranate enzymes power our New Skin Peel to reveal healthy luminous skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated with a firm and plumped appearance.

Blemish Peel

A corrective peel that works hard to address hyperpigmentation, aid healing process, exfoliates, decongests, normalises oil and pore size. Potent combination of anti-inflammatory exfoliants, antibacterial & skin renewing actives.

Super Repair Peel

Our Super Repair Peel utilises an elite blend of chemical solutions to remove the impaired outer layers of dermis to reveal the smoother, brighter skin beneath. A variety of skin conditions can be targeted. Fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and any other skin concerns.

As well as shedding the superficial layers of the outer layer of the skin, the Super Repair Peel also stimulates your skin to regenerate, boost collagen production, and optimise the normal biological processes of the skin