Bridging the Gap

Clients are constantly frustrated with wasting money on products that aren’t working.  Does this sound like you?

Are you still suffering the very same conditions you are trying to fix such as acne, pigmentation, ageing, redness, dehydration, and the big one sensitivity?

Are you confused with all the talk  of “active ingredients” and not sure what you are putting on your skin and why?

Do you just want healthy, glowing, hydrated, pH balanced perfect skin –

This is an easy fix for us here at Mine Minerals

Leave your skin in the hands of professionals and fix these conditions once and for all – we bring the salon to you…

Hi, I am Kelly, I began an exciting career as a Dermal Beauty Therapist 25 years ago.  Alongside this I am an accredited Beauty Trainer and Assessor, owner of Ivy Skin Clinic and Creator of bespoke Professional Skincare and Makeup range Mine Minerals.  Driven by my passion to recognise skin conditions, address them and ultimately fix them. 

The Beauty Industry lacked the connection between education and a skincare product that delivers the ultimate goal – perfect, healthy, pH balanced, glowing skin.

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