T-Tree Scrub... A "Must Have"

Our amazing T-Tree Scrub Facial Wash was developed out of necessity.  As my girls were entering teenage years, and as a beauty therapist for over 20 years, I did not want to go down the traditional path of grabbing a foaming, pharmaceutical brand washes which I knew would cause more issues than not. What started out as one little spot, on an otherwise clear baby skin, I knew that their pH was normal and that any harsh approach would lead to more breakouts over 3 months.  After all, it was logical to me that if they only had one spot then just treat it and leave the rest of the skin until it showed signs of spots as well.  How could I manage that with what was on offer at the time?  It was near impossible to isolate the one spot with facial cleansers.

As hormones play havoc with sebum production during teenage years the best approach is to remove excess oil gently without interfering with the delicate pH balance. As foaming cleansers leave the skin stripped, sensitive and dry, the bodies natural defense is to produce more oil to replace and that in turn leads to more oil, congestion, blackheads and whiteheads. Vicious cycle – and not one I wanted for the perfect complexions of my daughters. 

So I developed T-Tree Scrub – an amazing, effective face wash they could use all day, every day without stripping their skin.  Vegan, natural, organic, no preservatives, no sulphates, no detergents etc just the best Australia has to offer.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from the thickened leaves of this extraordinary plant and is used to prevent, heal and reduce scarring and inflammation.  Our Australian Tea Tree leaves are crushed to produce a gentle, refining exfoliant full of all the antibacterial goodness nature has to offer to heal the blemish and remove congestion from distended follicles in the process.  A unique combination of pure ingredients that could never compromise the delicate pH of the skin.  Years later and my daughters use their T-Tree Scrub to this day to keep their complexions flawless.

After seeing such amazing results on my daughters, naturally I have shared this product with clients, teenagers and anyone concerned with problem skin.  It has also had an amazing healing and anti-bacterial effect on skins suffering eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

After all …

What is MINE is yours…..naturally ……

Kelly xxx

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