Mine Minerals Foundation Powder

Introducing Mine Minerals, Welcome to Mine Minerals Mineral Foundation Powder, the perfect solution for a flawless, glowing complexion. Our mineral foundation powder is not only vegan, but also pure and clean, ensuring that your skin stays healthy while providing buildable coverage.

With Mine Minerals Foundation Powder, you get 5 great products in 1 - concealer, foundation, finishing powder, SPF20+, and a skin healing treatment. This makes it the best mineral makeup ever produced in Australia. Our foundation powder is sourced from the great Aussie outback, containing only the purest ingredients such as zinc, titanium dioxide, and mica, which are earth's natural skin healer, sunscreen and shimmer, respectively.

Our simple and clean formula ensures that you won't experience clogged pores, irritation or dryness. It contains no nasty chemical preservatives or fillers, making it 100% safe to sweat, swim, and even sleep in.

Our foundation powder is perfect for irritated, allergic, and red skin. It treats acne, sensitivity, pigmentation, and rosacea, and provides a true, raw mineral foundation. This is what makes Mine Minerals Foundation Powder the best mineral makeup in Australia.

We offer 7 unique shades to suit every skin color and tone, making it easy to find the perfect shade for you. Our foundation powder is also paired with a Professional Vegan Kabuki Brush, which makes the application easy and flawless.

Invest in your skin today with Mine Minerals Mineral Foundation Powder, and experience the benefits of a clean, vegan, and natural makeup that will enhance your natural beauty.