"My skin journey had been a long and emotional one spanning over 20 years, however that all changed when I met Kelly and her amazing staff at Ivy Skin.

I suffered with deep set cystic acne in my teens and early twenties, sadly treatments and products I received never really helped the cause of the acne and as a result I now have deep pitted scaring on my face. 
I’ve always been an oily girl, struggling with breakouts and congestion. Using only mattifying skin care and makeup for many years. 
I’ve also suffered with a hormonal imbalance causing me to have dark thick facial hair, so with my acne, acne scars and facial hair my confidence has always been pretty low. I’ve always felt the need to hide so much on the most important part of my body.... my face. 

Within the last 4 months the changes in my skin have been nothing shy of phenomenal, I have people complimenting my skin which I NEVER would have thought to be a possibility in this lifetime.
When Kelly and I met and we had our first consultation there was no promise of a quick fix, no promise of an over night miracle cream, or miracle product or treatment that would address all my skin concerns at once. 
There was however this amazing woman with such honesty, knowledge and passion, she  understood my skin, she understood my heartache and she had the solutions and she knew what treatments she would do to get my skin prepped and on its way to perfection. 
And the best part was, I felt comfortable and cared for in what was normally such a confronting and uncomfortable situation for me over the years.

Kelly explained years of damage to my skin cannot be fixed overnight and my new journey with her would be a lengthy one, but the improvements I have seen in the last four months still have me in awe! 
I now use hydrating makeup, am no longer oily, no longer congested and no longer breaking out and once again I have people complimenting my skin!! 
I now also have Kelly and her amazing team at ivy skin treating my 10 year old son, the changes in his skin in just four uses of one of their products astounded us both!! 

Good skin didn’t come naturally to me, but I have the key to good skin now and I found it all with Kelly and her team at ivy skin. 
I can’t put a price on their professionalism and service, nor on the way they’ve changed my life forever. Thank you for giving me amazing skin and my confidence back." 
- Elisha Morris 2020
"Kelly and her staff are so welcoming and really care about your experience at the salon. Everything is explained whilst they are attending to you. The skin care range is awesome, best I’ve ever used and my skin has never looked better. I have that youthful elastic feel to my skin naturally without the use of any invasive treatment. I like to call the eye cream my “unicorn” treatment. I am always getting comments on how well and bright I look and the best part is I’m almost 60 and this makes my day. A trip to the salon and being left in Kelly’s professional ways is the best thing you could ever do for yourself."

- Lorna Ratcliffe 2020

"I couldn’t rate Kelly and the team at ivy any higher! They have done an amazing job! I will be getting married at the end of the year and was thinking it would take months to even start to see the results I’ve already started seeing in just three weeks! Kelly explained everything she was doing and why she was doing it proving she knows her stuff! Would recommend to every friends, family, future brides."

- Stephanie Gerardis 2020